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Citadel 1986

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The Citadel. Built in 1986 by a lunatic and left undiscovered, decomposing for 30 long years. You are its first victim. Citadel 1986 is a retro platform game harking back to the Commodore 64 days. The entire game is set across a single giant scrolling level, just like the games that inspired me to start coding.

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Avoid the broken down, animatronic creatures. Learn to swim in the gravity defying waters and avoid the good old fashioned lasers, stompers, acid pools and lava. Learn about the Citadel's grim past and defeat the madman behind it all. Collect the keys if you want to go free!

Citadel 1986 Trailer
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  • One giant map of 8-bit platform game goodness.
  • Collect keys, jump over random everyday objects.
  • Increase the game's speed to improve your time.
  • Use your hugs to turn a giant teddy bear good.

Citadel 1986 on Steam Greenlight

First time on Steam Greenlight Okay, so it's a slim chance, but I'm having fun trying and just receiving some feedback has made it all worthwhile. Anyway, if you feel like lending your support to a lost cause...

Citadel 1986 for iOS

Play Citadel 1986 on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Features Game Center support and you can transfer your progress using iCloud.
Citadel 1986 is universal so you can play it on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.
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iPad, iPhone & iPod
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Lite Edition

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Citadel 1986 for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Citadel 1986 for Android

Play Citadel 1986 on your Android devices

Citadel 1986 is compatible with Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 and above.
Citadel 1986 for Android
Citadel 1986 on Google Play

Full Version

Google Play
Android 2.3 & Above
Citadel 1986 Lite on Google Play

Lite Version

Google Play
Android 2.3 & Above

Citadel 1986 Reviews

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Kick My Geek : 9/10

"Citadel 1986 is really entertaining. Its environment, its general atmosphere, really distinguishes it from other platform games. You'll want to keep playing, if only to meet more enemies that'll remind you of your childhood and the music is a great addition to the game, a real pleasure for the ears!"

Player Feedback

"Love this game. Easy on the eye, great gameplay, humour and it takes me back to my CBM64 days.

Great platformer game with well thought out level design and unique enemies. Well worth the purchase!

I love this game. It's a simple back-to-the-roots platformer with a bit of exploration thrown in."

"Absolutely love it. The speech is just fantastic. Bravo on such a gem!"

"Bought, very easy value-for-money decision!"

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