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Mirror Mixup for Android

Mirror Mixup

Play Mirror Mixup on your Android devices

Mirror Mixup is compatible with Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 and above.
Mirror Mixup for Android
Mirror Mixup on Google Play

Full Version

Google Play
Android 2.3 & Above
Mirror Mixup Lite on Google Play

Lite Version

Google Play
Android 2.3 & Above

Mirror Mixup is a picture puzzle game with a fun twist, levels are solved by selecting areas of a picture and rotating them horizontally or vertically. Although each level is mixed up using just 3-6 moves, you'll find it a challenge to restore these pictures. Luckily you can view the completed picture and see which pieces are right or wrong at any time.

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Mirror Mixup features three game modes with 125 levels to solve. There are 200 extended bonus levels to unlock and a random mode which gives you a brand new level every time you play.

Mirror Mixup Trailer
Click a Mirror Mixup screen to view a larger version

  • Three game modes featuring 125 puzzle levels.
  • Unlock 200 bonus levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Random mode offers an infinite number of levels.
  • Impossible mode may result in a brain meltdown.

Mirror Mixup for PC & Mac

Grab the full version of Mirror Mixup for just $6.99

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Full Version

PC & Mac : $6.99

Free PC Trial

Size : 24.6MB

Free Mac Trial

Size : 26.3MB

Mirror Mixup for iOS

Play Mirror Mixup on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Features Game Center support and you can transfer your progress using iCloud.
Mirror Mixup is universal so you can play it on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.
Mirror Mixup on the App Store

Full Version

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod
Mirror Mixup Lite on the App Store

Lite Edition

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod
Mirror Mixup for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Mirror Mixup Reviews

What do players and the review sites think about Mirror Mixup?

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"A very welcome addition to any puzzle fanís device, especially if you enjoy picture puzzles. For those with multiple devices, iCloud support is available, so you can take your progress with you. If you are a fan of picture puzzles, then I highly recommend checking out this game. Itís relaxing, yet challenging at the same time."

Player Feedback

"Mirror Mixup is a brilliant game that delivers new exciting game play never seen before. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to complete the first level. I was very excited when I learned how to play the game. I look forward to many countless hours playing Mirror Mixup."

"Mirror Mixup provides a rewarding challenge for puzzle fans. The game idea is really successful, on the first rounds you'll come nowhere near the specified number of moves, but when you have the hang of it, you'll be ready for bigger challenges. For puzzle fans Mirror Mixup is a real recommendation."

Player Feedback

"Mirror Mixup is a really innovative and unique game! I haven't ever seen another game like it and I am really enjoying playing it!"

Player Feedback

"This game is very good for making you think in many dimensions. I would recommend Mirror Mixup to anyone who wants a challenge!"

Player Feedback

"A very challenging puzzle game. Mirror Mixup makes one think 'outside the box'. I enjoy such games, thank you for making them!"

Player Feedback

"A really neat puzzle game. I am really enjoying this. The graphics and presentation are really well done. Overall a solid logic puzzle game."

"I just want to say this game is so creative, if a little hard for me ... I need more practice!"

"Definitely worth it if you are a logic or puzzle app person, this will keep you entertained for a while!"

"Once you get the mechanics (swapping sections back and forth) you will really start to love it, and there are tons and tons of levels."

"I love these 'piece the puzzle together' games and this one makes you work. Do I select this area or that one? Very nicely done!"

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