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One human, one droid and a Scavenger class space ship. Enter the Star Hulk Icarus on one last mission: to locate and capture the Energy Source. It was to be a simple job, but nobody mentioned the alien mass spreading across the massive vessel's interior and the ever deteriorating gravity field, slowly spinning the Icarus out of control!

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Test your piloting skills in this shoot'em'up experience like no other.

Test your piloting skills as you overcome the Icarus's decaying gravity fields. Rotate, thrust and shoot your way through 80 sectors, collecting riches, battling aliens and unlocking the way to freedom. Scavenger blends action based gameplay with carefully designed, challenging levels to create a shoot'em'up experience like no other!

The full version of Scavenger features:
  • 80 alien infested levels to battle your way through.
  • Five game modes affecting difficulty, fuel & gravity!
  • Search for hidden passages and chambers to explore.
  • Collectable goodies including gems and power ups.
  • Follow the daring exploits of one man and a droid.
  • Both the PC and Mac versions are included.
  • 100% DRM free, full version download.

Scavenger Movie
Scavenger Movie
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Scavenger Reviews

What do the review sites and your fellow players think about Scavenger?

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AVault's Top Casual Games Of The Year

"There are five different gameplay modes, determining among other things whether you have limited or unlimited fuel or face the presence or absence of gravity, as well as lots of critical power-ups and in-game tips. The graphics are old-school and the sound effects are riveting. You never know what sinister challenge is lurking behind the next corner in this exciting game."

Game Tunnel Action Game Of The Year Awards

"It has all the feeling (and difficulty!) of a great space shooter mixed with the creep and explore-adventure of some of the best FPS games, taking the player from carefully moving down the hall to a frantic firefight in a matter of seconds. With multiple difficulty levels that give the player completely different game play experiences, Scavenger is brilliant fun that shouldn't be missed."

PC Zone Review

"Where Scavenger manages to trump many of its competitors is in the sheer quality of its frenetic, skill-based flying action ... Scavenger is slick, fast, challenging and fun, rammed with power-ups and neat touches ... what more could you want from a top-down blast-fest?"

Case & Wallpaper

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Scavenger Case
Scavenger DVD Case : 2760x1850
Scavenger Wallpaper




Arcade / Shooter

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100's of massive, alien
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Take control of your ship
and free your world from
the Krainian Empire!

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