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Patreon FAQ

I've just become a patron : )

Thank you, your support is very much appreciated

I'll continue to post development news directly on Patreon so you'll know when a new game is due to be released.

When a new game becomes available, you'll receive your Clockwork Pixels login, allowing you to access the latest full version at any time. Patreon will process your pledge at the beginning of the following month.

How do I access the games?

Log in to the Account Page to download the PC, Mac and Android versions from the 'My Games' page. I'll announce on Patreon days when the games are made free for iOS.

This method of delivery makes regular updates more practical and should you decide not to remain a patron you'll still have access to any games you helped develop or have purchased.

'Old School' Patrons

While you pledge $5 or more, along with each 'New Creation' you'll receive 1000 coins, enough to select a free full version game of your choice.

Please log in to the Account Page to select your free game from the 'My Coins' page. Coins accumulate too, so you can always use them later.

'Super Patreon Awesomeness'

While you pledge $20 or more I'll be delighted to add your name and a small message to the credits screen of each new game. Thank you for being so generous

To keep things sensible, messages are limited to just 50 characters, so things like "Hey mum, give me some money so I can be a patron" are ideal. No adverts please, and of course they must be suitable for any children who may be reading.

My Patreon details have changed.

Patreon provides me with your username and email address, so as long as you don't change both of these at the same time your accounts should remain linked.

You can change your Clockwork Pixels account details from the Account Page, although there is no need to use the same username and email address as your Patreon account.

Please get in touch via the Contact Page if you can't log in to your Clockwork Pixels account, or if it's not updating as expected with new games & coins.

More Games

Play more games developed here at Clockwork Pixels

Check out the full list. All the games have free trial versions

Citadel 1986

Retro / Platform

Trapped by a lunatic in
an underground citadel.
Will you get out alive?

Citadel 1986

Puppy Sanctuary

Matching / Pet Sim

Rescue puppies, decorate their
surroundings and play with
them to keep them happy.

Puppy Sanctuary


Hidden Object / Matching

Help customers find their
missing items and renovate
your old farmhouse.


System Mania

Time Management

Quickly fix these madcap
machines or the whole thing
will go up in smoke!

System Mania


Puzzle / Matching

Deep within the pyramid,
hundreds of ancient cubes
glow with malevolent energy.



Arcade / Shooter

Take control of your ship
and free your world from
the Krainian empire.






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