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Here's the place for System Mania updates, announcements, questions and feedback.
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System Mania Update

System Mania
A major update of System Mania is now available

The latest build now includes a shop where you can spend your hard earned cash on various upgrades to help you out in the game. Upgrades include 'UV Filter', 'Clear', 'Refill' and 'Eeek!'. There are twelve in all to try out.

There's a new Trophy screen which sets various bonus challenges and from level five onwards and the game now introduces random events to provide additional challenges.

There are 'Panic Attacks', 'Lights Out' and 'Steamed Up' events to contend with, each of which puts a different spin on the gameplay.

System Mania Released

System Mania
I've just uploaded my new game, System Mania

I think this is one of my best games, with a far lighter graphical style. The controls are nice and easy to master, although like all Clockwork Pixels games, it'll keep you challenged for some time.

There will probably be a major update soon based on your feedback but as always all updates are completely free of charge.

Please let me know what you think

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