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Account FAQ

How do I get my Clockwork Pixels account.

When you purchase a game you'll receive your account details via email, or you can create a free account on the Account Page to collect coins and subscribe to the newsletter.

All your purchased games will also show up on the account page, allowing you to download the latest full versions at any time

If you have purchased games directly from Clockwork Pixels in the past but don't have your login details please use the Contact Page to get in touch.

What's with all these coins?

Select full version games from just 200 coins. Coins can be collected in a number of ways. Your account comes with 100 and you get up to 350 coins with each game you purchase

Log in to the Account Page and click 'My Coins' to check how many coins you have and for details on how to collect more. You can also choose which games you'd like for free.

Updating your account details.

It's best to keep your account email address up to date as it's used to add any new purchases. Please log in to the Account Page and use the 'My Settings' page to change your details.

If you have changed your email address and no longer have access to your account please use the Contact Page for assistance.

I don't want my Clockwork Pixel account.

The main reason for having an account is to access the latest builds of your full version games.

If you haven't made any purchases or don't require future updates of your purchased games, please get in touch via the Contact Page and I'll be happy to delete your account.

More Games

Play more games developed here at Clockwork Pixels

Check out the full list. All the games have free trial versions

Citadel 1986

Retro / Platform

Trapped by a lunatic in
an underground citadel.
Will you get out alive?

Citadel 1986

Vampire Ventures

Matching / Adventure

Join Vampire Val as she
embarks on her quest to
find her kidnapped dad.

Vampire Ventures

Puppy Sanctuary

Matching / Pet Sim

Rescue puppies, decorate their
surroundings and play with
them to keep them happy.

Puppy Sanctuary


Hidden Object / Matching

Help customers find their
missing items and renovate
your old farmhouse.


Kitten Sanctuary

Matching / Pet Sim

Rescue fifty cute little
kittens from a group of
suspicious looking aliens.

Kitten Sanctuary

System Mania

Time Management

Quickly fix these madcap
machines or the whole thing
will go up in smoke!

System Mania





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